The Magic of a Second Beginning

Oops I did it again. Spoke excitedly and then left silence behind.

My dreams of what this site could be and mean were so big that naturally… there is still nothing in here. No words were good enough and I could already see mistakes and problems arising from projects only existing in my head.

All of the sentences in my very first article were too long and robotic and generally now seem like a bunch of crap. But that’s what it is. A beginning. Induction played out by necessary bunch of crap.

So here I am, suddenly trying out a different strategy. I’m typing up this article on my phone as I wait for my train, no outline, no heavy editing… writing with my heart and without care because now I simply want. to. speak.

And that is what I call the beauty of second beginning. The first steps you take are very important but heavy. They are heavy with expectations, with comparisons, with the idea that you have the privilege to skip the being-shit phase of jumping into anything new.

But you get no such priviledge and second beginning knows that. Second beginning took a breath and decided it doesn’t care.

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