Well, to be straight up honest with you, the name of this site is a bit of a lie. A ‘handbook’ implies that you’d be handed some kind of a manual. That the author knows what they’re talking about and specific instructions are backed up by actual science or at least substantial experience.

I am sorry, here you will most likely find no such thing.

In my handbook, I do not show one perfect way but what I have is a general direction. I have thoughts and opinions, perhaps some stories and honest recommendations. I have an ideal.

Inspiration for making this site came from a conversation, in which my friend was trying to describe someone and falling short of words she said ‘well, he is simply someone who loves life‘. And of course, I knew exactly what type of person that is.

What I love about this expression is that it implies a lot of positivity without necessarily assuming that the life one loves is perfect. In my mind, a life-lover simply admires the unexpectancy and variety of life, he appreciates it as an incredible experience here on earth. He seizes every opportunity to grow and strives to enjoy each moment.

And the reason why this handbook does not offer any 100% effective solution is because to become a life-lover should not be about attaining any kind of perfection. To try loving life can mean a thousand different journeys and so here is only my take and my experience to hopefully inspire your own.

So yes, unfortunately I am not making a handbook for you. I want you to start writing your own.